Empowering authors to self-publish with freedom, access, and control

You've poured your heart and soul into your manuscript—now where do you go from here?To someone who’ll honor your vision and offer the right editing, design and self-publishing guidance to help your book stand out in a crowd. It's our passion to meet those needs for you—in an easy, professional, affordable process.

Freedom to choose.

With the Alliance you're not locked into a cumbersome, costly "publishing package"—you choose only the services you need, whether it is professional editing to help shape and polish your manuscript while maintaining your voice or expert graphic design to birth your vision in custom book cover and interior layout. Or project management to handle the process from edit through layout and design to print on Amazon's CreateSpace. Forget all the bureaucracy and hidden costs of publishing houses—we've been there, done that. You don't need it and don't need to pay for it.

Satisfied Authors

Martin Marmolejo

"The Alliance for Indie Publishers make a remarkable publishing team. Their alliance is a breath of fresh air for the Indie Publishing industry. After going through the hassle of publishing the first edition of Globalization: Opportunities & Implications with a big independent publisher, we were very lucky to find a team like Janet, Suzanne, and Rodger for the second edition (and future ones). Not only are they extremely professional, honest and reliable, they also have a great chemistry together. The Alliance for Indie Publishers provided Globalization the freedom and structure needed for a project of its size and complexity. The advantages of working with this team are both qualitative and quantitative. On the quality side, on top of a superb professional work, the expediency at which the work can be done is in a class by itself. On the quantitative side, the cost savings achieved are substantial. It is truly a win-win experience for any author that is contemplating to hire their services."